Briggs TV - The Guitar Geek "Tweak of the Week" Series & Product Reviews

Briggs Music Guitar Geek Tweak of the Week #11.  Chris demonstrates the simple procedure of maintaining proper conditioning of a rosewood fingerboard on your stringed instrument.  Using a Guild CE100D Capri hollow body electric, a few drops of Dunlop 65 lemon oil, and some inexpensive supplies easily obtained at any hardware store, the Guitar Geek explains this often-overlooked step in your guitar setup routine. Also in this Tweak blog, notice how Chris uses blue painter's tape to mark the positioning of the floating bridge before removing the strings.  In doing so, proper intonation of the guitar is made much easier after re-stringing.  The Guild CE100D Capri On Sale Here!

MANUFACTURER'S NOTE:  Lemon Oil is recommended for unfinished rosewood and ebony fingerboards only.  Maple and padouk fingerboards with glossy finishes do not require oiling and can be damaged by oils and solvents.  For more questions, feel free to comment below or visit our website at

Briggs Music Guitar Geek Tweak of the Week #10.  How to change nylon classical guitar strings.  Chris the Guitar Geek changes a string on a Fender CN240 SCE Thinline classical acoustic electric guitar.  Watch as Chris demonstrates his method for tying a nylon string, utilizing a fisherman's knot in place of what would ordinarily be a ball end on an electric guitar string.  The Fender CN240SCE Thinline Classical Guitar On Sale Here!

Briggs Music The Guitar Geek Tweak of the Week #9.  How to keep your guitar cables like new.  Are knots putting a kink in your tone?  Is your stage sound tangled up in blue?  Don’t fret, the Guitar Geek shows you a few quick hacks that will put your playing on the straight and narrow.

Chris Baltrus explains in his “Tweak Of The Week” the proper method for wrapping a guitar cable, and offers inexpensive solutions to the common problem of guitar cable maintenance.  Watch as the Guitar Geek takes an ordinary Dunlop Trigger Capo to extraordinary levels of practicality.  Also featured are Fender Custom Shop cables, which are guaranteed for life.  On Sale Here!